10 Best Breathable Shoes Available Online in 2021

10 Best Breathable Shoes Available Online in 2021

 Let’s be real: when it comes to shoes, style comes second to comfort. That’s why breathable shoes are so in vogue right now. If you’re new to the game and need a little bit of inspiration, check out our list of the top 10 most breathable a%MCEPASTEBIN%nd comfortable shoes that you can purchase online.

What Exactly are Breathable Shoes?

 With so many shoe brands out there throwing around words like “breathable” and “ventilated”, it’s important to know just what they mean.

If you are able to recognize what constitutes a breathable shoe, you’ll be able to make smart and well-informed purchases.

In simple words, breathable shoes are those shoes that use fabrics through which moisture can escape. You’ll notice that most of these shoes use some kind of mesh or woven fabric.

But the best of these shoes are those that are able to offer other things as well. This includes features like water-resistance, durability, and flexibility.

Keep in mind that ventilation is important for more than just comfort. In fact, it has a positive effect on your health as well. Breathable shoes help prevent foot odour, increase blood circulation and fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot. 

10 Best Breathable Shoes You Can Buy Online in 2021

Senja Waterproof Sneakers

Key Features:

  • 100% waterproof
  • 100% merino wool interior
  • Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and anti-odour.
  • Lightweight
  • High ventilation factor

Where most breathable shoes are built for style rather than comfort, Senja takes the reins and offers both.

Senja’s waterproof sneakers are the epitome of versatility. Built to endure the toughest terrains and harshest weather, the shoes’ main utility lies in their water-resistance.

Right off the bat, this ensures that your feet remain cool, dry, and comfortable regardless of weather and terrain conditions. But what does this say about breathability?

Usually, 100% water-resistance comes at the cost of ventilation. But Senja goes the extra mile and ensures that your hard-working feet have room to breathe. So, while the water-resistant mesh upper is a huge selling point, the real star of the show is the Merino wool-lined interior.

Merino wool is a thinner and softer alternative to regular wool. The ultra-fine fibres help regulate both temperature and moisture.

But that’s not it. The natural Merino wool fibres also have an innate anti-microbial quality. Merino wool is a natural hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. In simple terms, this means that the fibre can annihilate any fungus, mould, or bacteria the moment it comes into contact with it.

Subsequently, the shoes are also anti-odour, since bacteria is the main culprit of foot odour. In fact, you can easily wear the shoes without socks, and still have moisture-free, fresh-smelling feet throughout the day.

Boasting 100% water-resistance, high ventilation, and anti-microbial properties, Senja is the most comfortable, highest-performing breathable shoe of the 21st century.

New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr v2 Hypoknit Running Shoes

Key features:

  • Ultimate cushioning with Fresh Foam technology
  • Wide toe box
  • Hypoknit upper

The Fresh Foam line by New Balance is renowned for its responsive cushioning technology. And rightfully so.

The laser-engraved Fresh Foam technology promises pinnacle performance, especially for high-impact activities such as running. Extensive cushioning and optimal energy return ensure that you stay grounded even when you’re late into a run.

But there’s more to the revolutionary Fresh Foam technology than just cushioning.

While the outsole absorbs shock impact, it simultaneously repels water from the outside and expels moisture from your feet. This ultimate trifecta ensures that your soles remain cool, dry, and injury-free throughout your run.

Another feature to take into account with the Fresh Foam Lazr is their upper. The titular Hypoknit system consists of a typical mesh fabric with one additional feature; a data-driven dynamic fit.

Essentially, this ensures zonal flexibility and movement. Combined with the wide toe box, your toes are free to wiggle around so that there’s no moisture and bacterial build-up.

Any remaining sweat is sucked out into the atmosphere through the mesh fabric, leaving you with cool and dry feet.

With such dynamic functionalities, this breathable shoe by New Balance can be used for any lifestyle- not just running!

Rivera’s Classic 20 Slip-On Sneakers 

Key features: 

  • Hybrid sneakers
  • Slip-on, laceless style
  • Woven textile upper
  • Super lightweight
  • Fashion-forward

If you’re looking for a casual breathable shoe that you can pair with a summer wardrobe, then try these hybrid slip-on sneakers on for size.

These designer shoes are perfect for those hot, humid days when everything feels a little too wet.

With the help of woven textile and canvas upper, these hybrid sneakers are the perfect example of mixing the style of a designer shoe with the functionality of a breathable shoe.

Weighing only 11oz, these imported shoes will make you feel like you’re walking on air.

Don’t be fooled, though. These fashion-forward kicks might look frail. However, the canvas lining and lightly-cushioned footbed attest to their durability.

Zocavia Air Knitted Running Shoes 

Key features:

  • Super cheap at only $41.99
  • high-performance
  • Fly Knit upper for ventilation and some water-resistance

When it comes to shoes, most people tend to stick with well-known mainstream brands. The higher the price, the better the shoe, right? Wrong!

With their breathable mesh running sneakers, Zocavia proves that you can get the best quality shoes for as little as $41.99. But trust us; the low price point is just one of the many good things about these running shoes.

While Zocavia advertises these as optimal running shoes by highlighting its remarkable cushioning and flexibility, they also address the biggest gripe that frequent runners have: poor ventilation.

The shoes are built from a high-quality mesh fabric, which is otherwise difficult to find at such low price points. The breathable flyknit upper successfully optimizes airflow while keeping the moisture at bay.

Ultimately, this means that you can feel confident in any weather. Whether you’re stepping out in heavy downpour or the hot, stinging, late-noon sun, these Air Knitted breathable shoes will keep you dry and comfortable.

But with such a low price point, you must be thinking to yourself: there’s no way these shoes are high performance. And you’d be pleasantly surprised to learn otherwise.

That’s right; although Zocovia kept the price low, they spared no expense to optimize performance. With a flexible rubber sole, high traction, and substantial cushioning, these shoes can be worn for any lifestyle.

APL Unisex TechLoom Breeze

Key features:

  • Super flexible
  • Mesh fabric allows constant airflow
  • Maximum energy generation
  • lightweight

It’s in the name; breezy and well-ventilated footwear is the focal point of the TechLoom Breeze line by Athletic Propulsion Labs. If you lead a busy life and like to squeeze in a gym session or two, then these shoes are perfect for you!

APL’s hallmark soft, seamless mesh fabric comprises most of the breathability factor for these athletic shoes. What’s more; the outer fabric incorporates futuristic patterns so that you’re as fashionable as you are comfortable.

Additionally, the high elastic stretch Techloom upper maximizes dynamic movement. When your feet aren’t too restricted, it’s easier for air to flow throughout the shoe. As it does, it dries off all the moisture that may have built up from heavy exertion.

But what about functionality?

Well, the Breeze boasts APL’s proprietary lightweight Propelium technology if focused on maximizing energy generation and stability. If you do a lot of dynamic movements in the gym, then you’ll know that shoe stability and energy feedback can make or break your workout session.

But bear in mind that these aren’t the best shoes for running. Instead, they’ll give you the best performance for plyometrics and weight-lifting.

Merrell’s Women’s Siren Edge 3 Hiking Shoes

Key features:

  • Mesh and 3D-printed TPU upper
  • Super lightweight

The Siren Edge hiking shoe line by Merrell is well-known for its excellent traction and stability. However, people tend to overlook just how comfortable and light these shoes actually are.

At only 516 grams, these shoes are not nearly as bulky as most hiking shoes. So, if your main complaint with hiking shoes is their heftiness, then the Siren Edge 3 might be the answer.

Additionally, the shoes have strategic and zonal ventilation; while some parts of the upper have a TPU skeleton for structural support, other parts are purely breathable mesh.

This way, you have the structural integrity of a heavy-duty hiking shoe with the much-needed ventilation of casual footwear.

But don’t worry; the mesh itself is very durable to wear and tear. So go ahead and traverse the roughest terrains confidently in the Siren Edge 3 hiking shoes.

Hoka One One Men’s Mach 3

Key features:

  • Insulated mesh layers for heat
  • Side panels for ventilation
  • Highly durable

People seem to have the misconception that breathable shoes often lack other important high-performance functionalities at the expense of ventilation.

The Mach3 by Hoka One One proves this perception wrong.

Yes, the shoes use a mesh upper which offers thorough airflow. But does that mean that there’s no protection against the elements? Not at all!

We all know how difficult it is to keep our feet warm during the winters. No matter how much you layer up, the cold always seems to seep through.

Puma Porsche Design Hybrid evoKnit Running ShoesHowever, the insulated mesh layers act as the perfect thermal blanket to keep your feet as warm as possible.

At the same time, the creative use of ventilated side panels ensures that your feet remain cool on the hottest days.

Structurally, the shoes are optimized for breathability as well. For example, strategic cutouts on the tongue maximize airflow while keeping out water and small debris.

Additionally, the premium mesh material proves very durable in challenging terrains. No matter what the conditions, the outer material will remain intact and creaseless.

Allbirds Women’s Tree Runners 

Key features:

  • Unique Tencel fabric
  • Machine-washable

We love it when brands experiment with unique fabrics to maximize comfort, all the while keeping the environment safe.

That’s why we couldn’t resist talking about the Women’s Tree Runners by Allbirds.

At first glance, the shoes look super sleek and elegant. But there’s much more to these shoes than aesthetics.

The Women’s Tree Runners use a unique Tencel fabric extracted from FSC Certified eucalyptus forests. This fibre is extremely gentle and soft against the skin, so much so that it feels like silk.

Additionally, these intricate fibres are naturally very breathable, keeping your feet pleasantly cool even in the most humid weather conditions.

ASICS Frequent Trail Running Sneakers

Key Features: 

  • Jacquard Mesh Upper
  • High elasticity
  • Lightweight

ASICS Frequent Trail line has garnered a huge fan following because of how dynamic the shoes are. Lightweight, breathable, stylish, comfortable, flexible; the list goes on and on!

So let’s start with the most important factor first- breathability. When it comes to ventilation, ASICS checks all the boxes.

Firstly, the upper is made from a unique material, namely a Jacquard mesh fabric. This type of fabric is known for its open structure that allows the maximum flow of air.

At the same time, the textured weave absorbs all the moisture from inside the shoe and expels it into the environment. This way, your feet remain dry and comfortable for the entirety of your run.

But there’s more to this revolutionary fabric than just ventilation.

Since the fibre is purely woven, it is also very elastic. The high elasticity ensures both comfort and support, conforming to your foot’s natural movements as you run.

Additionally, the fabric is so intricately woven that you don’t have to worry about wear and tear. The woven Jacquard fabric is able to repel the smallest dust and scree particles, elongating its lifespan.

Puma Porsche Design Hybrid evoKnit Running Shoes

Key features:

  • Fully-knitted upper
  • evoKNIT slip-on design
  • Lace caging overlay for optimal fit

With these Porsche design evoKnit running shoes, Puma delivers a spectacular trifecta of comfort, performance, and fashion.

In fact, Puma gives a whole new meaning to lightweight running shoes. With an evoKnit slip-on sock structure and secure lacing system, it almost feels like you’re socks instead of running shoes.

Additionally, Puma’s knitted upper ensures constant airflow. This ensures that your feet won’t get too hot or sweaty no matter how long you’ve been running for.

But don’t worry; the hybrid foam midsole still provides ample cushioning to keep your feet well-protected.


There’s more to breathable shoes than just mesh fabrics and basic ventilation.

Instead, they need to check all the boxes when it comes to functionality. This includes cushioning, traction, stability, and water-resistance.

Hopefully, with so many things to look out for, our list made your job a little easier.