10 Best Merino Wool Fashion Items for Traveling

10 Best Merino Wool Fashion Items for Traveling

Most people would rule woolen clothing items out of their backpacking list unless they are traveling to frigid areas. That’s why you’re probably wondering why I am suggesting woolen fashion items for your next trip.

But, bear with me. Merino wool is not your typical woolen material. It has the features and qualities which make it the perfect fabric for all seasons.

What’s more, you can find all kinds of fashion items, including shirts, bottoms, accessories, and even merino wool sneakers.

Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the versatile fabric, along with my list of 10 merino wool must-haves while traveling. So let’s get started. 

What is Merino Wool?

Unlike other itchy, uncomfortable woolen items, merino wool is a uniquely soft material extracted from merino sheep. This makes it different from other popular varieties of wool, namely lambswool, melton, or shetland.

Merino Wool

These sheep dwell in the highlands of Australia, New Zealand, and Spain. Their wool helps them survive extreme temperatures in mountainous areas, making it the perfect fabric for every season.

Besides that, merino wool has qualities that set it apart from other woolen materials. It has more delicate fibers, which make it softer, easy-to-maintain, and lightweight. 

Are Merino Wool Items Perfect for Traveling?

There are many reasons you should take merino wool fashion items along with you while traveling. First, let’s shortlist the features you would look for in the ideal travel accessories.

They should be:

  • Non-bulky
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Low-maintenance

If you’re searching for clothing items that encompass all these qualities for your next trip, look no further. Merino wool clothes tick all the boxes that make them an ideal option for travel wear.

Furthermore, the material has other benefits that will make you search for merino wool fashion items right away. These include:

  • Breathability
  • Moisture-wicking ability
  • Anti-microbial
  • Odor resistance
  • Wrinkle resistance
  • Quick-drying Durability
  • UV rays protection
  • 100% natural fibers

If these benefits attract you enough to purchase merino wool fashion items for your next trip, here’s a list of my ten favorite items for you to check out.

Best Merino Wool Fashion Items for Traveling

Let’s face it; everyone wants to strengthen their fashion game before visiting popular tourist destinations. Unfortunately, aesthetics and utility rarely come together in the case of clothing and accessories.

However, with the versatile nature of merino wool, you can easily find products that pump up your style and are functional for any destination at the same time.

1. Merino Wool Sneakers

If you love the outdoors and most of your traveling plans, including hiking, trekking, and adventure sports, you should invest in a pair of merino wool sneakers.

Many popular brands are using this material either as upper or lining. For instance, Senja Shoes offers the best merino wool sneakers.

Merino Wool Sneakers

Wait, these shoes aren’t entirely made out of wool. Instead, the exterior consists of highly durable moisture-wicking materials with an inner lining of merino wool.

If you’re hiking during the summer, this inner lining will absorb sweat from your feet. This way, they won’t become prone to rashes and infections and stay fresh throughout your trip.

On the contrary, if you wear them in the snow or rain, the merino wool lining will help the sneakers dry out quickly, even if they get wet.

Moreover, merino wool sneakers have antibacterial properties that make them ideal for wearing for extended intervals. Especially if your feet are prone to fungal infections and blisters, you should invest in a pair from Senja Shoes before planning your next trip.

2. Merino Wool T-shirts

Let’s face it, backpackers always look to travel cheap, and when you’re traveling cheap, there isn’t much weight allowance for your luggage. Besides that, you’ll have to carry most of your essential items along with you everywhere you go as a backpacker.

Merino Wool T-shirts

Meaning, the best way is to pack light, but that’s not always possible, especially if you’re visiting frigid destinations where you’ll need to wear multiple layers.

The solution? Merino wool t-shirts. Believe it or not, a single basic layer of merino wool can go a long way, and you won’t have to wear lots of layers over it. That’s because merino wool soft fibers can capture air and create an insulating layer between you and the weather.

Similarly, unlike other wool types, merino wool can be worn against the skin without causing any discomfort. This makes it an ideal base layer during winter and summer alike.

There are many popular clothing brands that offer merino wool base layers that you can use in every season. For example, Halley-Hansen merino t-shirts and EGI merino t-shirts are high-quality, affordable options to go for.

3. Merino Wool Jackets

Considering merino wool’s high-level insulation and silky soft texture, it’s no wonder merino wool jackets are a popular option for travelers during summer or winter.

Merino Wool Jackets

What sets merino wool jackets apart from other materials is their temperature regulating system. Just like the material aids merino sheep survive incredibly high and low temperatures, merino wool jackets protect you during hot and cold weather alike.

That’s because instead of blocking the outer temperature from your body, merino wool works to regulate your body temperature. This way, whether you go out in the summer or during winter, merino wool jackets will ensure your body temperature stays at a favorable limit.

If you take it along with you on a summer trip, its anti-bacterial and breathable qualities will keep you fresh throughout the day. Similarly, on a winter trip, its quick-dry ability will keep you from feeling too cold even if it’s snowing.

Icebreaker and Minus33 offer some of the best merino wool jacket options for those traveling to frigid areas. 

4. Merino Wool Dresses

I know what you’re thinking. The idea of wearing a basic woolen dress against your skin probably makes you feel itchy right away.

Merino Wool Dresses

However, that’s not the case with merino wool. Its low-maintenance, moisture-wicking, and wrinkle-free features make merino wool a go-to material for high-fashion women’s dresses.

Especially if you’re looking for comfortable, practical clothes while traveling, merino wool dresses are a must-have for you. Apart from being soft as cashmere against skin, merino wool dresses protect you from UV rays and eliminate body odor as well.

Similarly, merino wool is an excellent fabric for vibrant prints and designs because of its fine fibers. This means you can find dresses that fit your mood and style effortlessly.

5. Merino Wool Dress Shirts

Merino wool dress shirts for men are some of the most versatile and practical travel items out there. If you’re a corporate worker who frequently travels for business, you should invest in some merino wool shirts and enjoy a hassle-free trip.

Merino Wool Dress Shirts

What makes them better than other shirts while traveling is their low maintenance requirement. You can easily pop them in the washing machine without worrying about distorting your garment.

Besides that, its wrinkle-free texture means you don’t have to iron your clothes now and then while attending business meetings. Just hang your shirt out for a few hours, and you’ll get the presentable look you need.

Check out the WoolX Summit polo shirt to take along with you on your next business trip.

6. Merino Wool Leggings

When it comes to leggings and innerwear, there’s no compromise on comfort and warmth. Luckily, merino wool is a fabric that provides both, making it ideal for leggings.

As a backpacker, if you’re considering hiking, trekking, running, or other outdoor sports, merino wool leggings are a must-have for you.

Wear them under your hiking pants to provide a breathable layer against your skin. This not only keeps you fresh on long trails, but it also eliminates the risk of rashes and other skin ailments. The best part is merino wool leggings are thin and comfortable. This way, you can easily incorporate them with any outfit, and they won’t look bulky or out-of-place.

Try out the Woolverino leggings by Minus33 if you want something light, or the Icebreaker Vertex if you want heavy base layer leggings. 

7. Merino Wool Undergarments 

Merino wool is a wonder fabric that provides the warmth and snugness of wool, along with the comfort and texture of cashmere. These features make it an ideal material for fashion undergarments.

Merino Wool Undergarments

If you’re looking for the perfect underwear to put on during travel, merino wool undergarments are the best options for you. Their moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial properties make them suitable for long-term wear.

Besides that, they absorb sweat and prevent unpleasant odor. This means you can even wear them for a long time if you can’t find laundry facilities along the road.

Popular options like Apex boxers have the quick-drying ability that helps you avoid rashes and blisters in your intimate areas while you’re spending your entire day on-the-go.

8. Merino Wool Socks

As we mentioned, merino wool is ideal for regulating your body temperature and absorbing sweat. That’s why, even if you don’t have merino wool sneakers like Senja Shoes, wearing merino wool socks under your hiking boots will have the same effect on your feet.

Merino Wool Socks

The material is non-itchy and odor-resistant, so if you’re planning to walk long distances on your trip, these are the ideal socks for you. They’ll keep your feet fresh, non-stinky, and infection-free.

The best part is, its thin fibers provide a snug fit, so you’ll feel warm and fuzzy while walking in the rain or snow.

Socks like Ballston Lightweight merino wool socks are breathable with quick-drying abilities that make them ideal for hiking in the rain or snow.

Most importantly, you don’t have to go through the hassle of washing them by hand like other woolen socks. All you have to do is pop them in the washing machine, and they’ll dry out for later use in minutes. 

9. Merino Wool Hats and Beanies 

Hats, beanies, and other headgear are the highlight of your travel look. However, who says fashionable accessories can’t be functional as well?

Merino Wool Hats and Beanies

You can wear merino wool hats and beanies from brands like Icebreaker to regulate your body temperature and look great at the same time. Unlike other wool types, you can get merino wool hats in attractive, catchy colors rather than the same old earthy hues.

Some brands like Minus33 also offer merino wool buffs. These buffs are basically headgear that can double up as scarves, face masks, and headbands.

You should invest in merino wool headwear or buffs whether you’re traveling in summer or winter. That’s because they have moisture-wicking properties that keep you fresh even after wearing them all day.

Similarly, they help regulate your body temperature, so you won’t face serious situations like heat strokes while you’re out and about.

10. Merino Wool Gloves

Merino wool gloves are the ultimate fashion items for travelers. These soft, breathable gloves keep your hands warm and comfortable, so you don’t expose the elements while visiting your destination.

Merino Wool Gloves

Furthermore, merino wool gloves provide a snug fit and come with conductive threads interwoven into the fingertips. This way, you can easily use your touch screen devices while wearing the gloves.

Moreover, these gloves won’t lose their shape after machine wash like other woolen gloves. They have amazing elasticity and durability that will last you long-term even if you use them rigorously.

As far as style is concerned, Ralph Lauren merino wool gloves are a fashionable accessory for any outfit, casual or formal, for both men and women alike.

Tips for Maintaining Merino Wool Items

Merino wool items are durable, but they will last longer if maintained the right way. Whichever brand you purchase your merino wool items from, each of them will provide different instructions for washing and storing the garments.

In my opinion, you should only wash your merino wool items occasionally. That’s because it has natural odor-free properties that don’t require regular washing.

Besides that, frequent machine washing may put a strain on the delicate fibers and reduce the life of your garment. Wait until you’ve worn the inner clothes two to three times and the outer clothes five to six times before washing them.

Similarly, merino wool has a natural lanolin coating, which enables it to resist moisture. You might notice a weird smell when you first wash your merino wool clothes because of this wax-like material.

Most importantly, try to wash merino wool garments with cold water to keep them from shrinking in the long run. Also, use neutral soap, so the fabric retains its natural silky texture.

Some brands even recommend laying the garments flat after washing. This helps them retain their original shape for more extended periods. 


That concludes my list of merino wool fashion items for travelers. Whether you’re planning a relaxing or busy vacation, including merino wool garments in your travel wardrobe will give you the productivity you need with style.

merino wool sneakers

However, remember to choose your brands well while purchasing merino items. Many brands sell mixed synthetic fabrics advertised as merino, so they won’t give you the functionality you need.

Also, merino wool is expensive, so you wouldn’t want to part with your money for scam products.

For instance, I always purchase my merino wool sneakers from Senja Shoes to get all the benefits of merino for a reasonable price. Make sure you buy from a reliable brand and read all their fabric details in the undernote before making your payment.